Day: June 11, 2021


Habits and Balance

Our habits and are the behaviors we engage in without really thinking about them. Changing habits takes time to become routine and real dedication until automaticity takes over.

Take brushing your teeth for example. Most of us have a routine in the mornings and the evenings around brushing our teeth that we would never give up. The habit is important to us and ingrained in our every day lives. Creating this same dedication and automaticity to the what brings us joy and balance is equally important.

Identify who and what brings you joy. Are there distractors currently getting in the way of giving them full time and attention? What do you need to do to set clear space and boundaries to give the most important things in your life the time that they deserve?

There is a lot of fun to be found in spontaneity and yet, to fully enjoy the habits that bring balance to our lives, there’s wisdom in scheduling windows of time where we can just go with the flow of what comes before us. On either side of that spontaneity, allow habits to develop that bring balance to your life.

It can be as straightforward as:

-Turn your phone upside down so you don’t get distracted by notifications -Set an alarm with a sound you enjoy ten minutes before transitioning to the next activity -Use the sound of the alarm to wrap up meetings and conversations as you share your dedication to maintaining a fully balanced you. If you’re meeting or talking to someone and they need more time, offer them a way to connect again.

You’re on your way to developing the habit of being fully present in every moment, with every task, and in the activities that bring you joy.

Habits and Balance